Product/Process Details - How it's Made

  • Screen-print (bulk) and Digital Large Format Printing. Our screen-printed products use solid ink printed directly on the substrate (sign material) and can be matched to any Pantone color.
  • Digital Printing is used for most of our orders and involves CMYK digitally printed waterproof vinyl overlayed with overlaminate finished for added quality & protection. The printed overlaminate vinyl is then applied to the sign material which can be any of the items below and more.¬†
    • 4mm CP¬†(economy) fluted corrugated plastic. Durable light weight material.¬†Primarily used for directional signs with metal h-stakes.¬†
    • 6mm CP¬†(economy plus) fluted corrugated plastic. Stronger than 4mm CP with smoother finish.¬†
    • 3mm ACM (standard) aluminum composite material. Metal veneer face with PVC base.¬†
    • 3/8" & 1/2" MDO plywood (standard plus) - Sturdy with edge sealed primer.¬†
    • 6mm ACM (premium material) - Metal veneer face with PVC base. Our best¬†longest lasting product
    • 13oz Matte or Gloss Vinyl Banner Material - Digitally printed directly on material.
    • Sticker material: Laminated matte vinyl or screen-printed bulk on matte or gloss removable vinyl. (Sale Pending Stickers)

Sign material specs